ABC Discovery

This series was created as way to teach the letters of the alphabet, in more a fun and engaging way! These short rhyming books are perfect for circle time or bedtime stories, and are great for ages 3-6. Their (8.5×8.5) square size will fit beautifully on your bookshelf. Each spine of the book is the color of that letter. When stacked together they make a beautiful rainbow!

Each letter of the alphabet has their own story, characteristics, and lesson that they teach. You will see some letters make appearances in other books. The beginning page features the previous letter, and the last page features the following letter; A great way to learn the neighbors of each letter!

This alphabet picture book series is perfect for kids learning their letters, and beginning sounds. It is like no other children’s book you’ve read. Your kids will be asking to read these stories every day! Follow the series to discover the alphabet in a NEW way. Learn and teach new words, and collect each poster to create the alphabet for your wall!

Word lists are included in the back of the book to review with your kids. Learn new vocabulary as you learn the alphabet!

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