Lindsay Foust

Hey there! I’m a children’s book author in Northern California and can’t wait to share these awesome stories with your family and classrooms!


I began writing these books mid summer 2021 as a gift to my classroom. Each week we have a new theme that we follow for curriculum. During the school year we have letter of the week, and throughout summer we have themes such as: sports week, space week, robot week etc. I realized we had tons of books for our bookshelf for these themes, and not very many to fit the theme of the letters of the week. I sat down at my computer one morning to give it a crack, and BOOM! The stories just started pouring out.

Of course I had to test drive them with the kids, to make sure they were desirable for their age group. I read Adrenaline Adventures to a student in my class (age 5), and he LOVED it! The excitement in his eyes, voice, and heart was everything to me. When he saw letter B on the last page he jumped for joy, and every day he would ask if I had finished the next letter.

My goal with this series is to get kids excited about the alphabet, and to learn it in a new way. How many of you stress over the “elemenop” part of the alphabet? I know I do! This solves the problem of, “what letter comes next?” by giving kids a different strategy to remember. In the alphabet song, they are just repeating what they hear. With these books, they will SURELY remember which letter “L” met at the end of her story, and who letter “N” was leaving at the beginning of theirs.